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Get the best fishing boat on the market

You wont get better maneuverability or stability.

You'll enjoy hands-free operation with your Twin Troller, and what could be more convenient when fishing?


Get to the best spots with ultra shallow draft capabilities. In fact, as little as 6" with recessed motors in the hull and weed guards.

Enjoy our environmentally-friendly technology that offers you the best in performance and save you money on gas.

Call or stop in to inquire about our Twin Troller fishing boat.


You'll ride in extreme comfort in your Twin Troller, which makes for a long day out on the lake. Whether you make a great catch or not, you'll appreciate the premium, fold-down, swivel, and cushion seats.


Your new boat is voted best in class when it comes to stability thanks to its unique hull design, as well as a one piece, seamless hull that has a 5-year warranty you will have no worries. Torqueedo and Lehr outboard motors will give you that extra power you are craving for.

A man using twin troller boat

Comfortable and durable

All your supplies will be organzied in your new boat. Equipment trays will keep rods secure at all times while 4 cup holders are perfect for keeping hydrated with a drink nearby.


The best way to experience what the Twin Troller has to offer is to stop in and check it out. You can even take one for a spin on specific days, check out our events calendar to see when. You'll always have your questions answered by our knowledgeable boat professionals.

You'll be well-organized with a perfect set up for your fishing adventures

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