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Choose from Lehr and Torqeedo Electric Outboards.

The latest technology for outboard motors is at your fingertips when you buy from us. It's our pleasure to offer you only the most long-lasting, strongest motors.


Motors are environmentally-friendly and come in various horsepower to accommodate your boat. Let our professionals guide you to which is best for your boat and your specific needs.

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Lehr are the first propane-powered outboard engines and a cost-effective alternative to gasoline. Propane motors are eco-friendly with zero evaporative emissions, because propane, unlike gasoline, is not listed as a marine pollutant. Best of all, they are easy starting with no choke and no priming.


Save big as well, since propane is an economical choice and costs about half of what regular gasoline does. For further specs on the specific models offered, stop in for a visit.


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Choose Lehr outboard motors

For a powerful motor that will be dependable and efficient, rely on Torqeedo motors built in the Starnberg region of Germany. All motors are equipped with integrated on-board computers and waterproofed to IP67. Their performance is outstanding.


-  Travel 503 * 1.5hp

-  Travel 1003 * 3hp

-  Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R: Thrust of a 6hp, 24 Volt

-  Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 R: Thrust of a 9.9hp, 48 Volt

-  LEHR  2.5HP 5HP 9.9HP 15 HP Spring 2015 25HP  available tiller & remote steering options

-  Torqeedo– Untralignt 403 for kayaks & light boats;  Deep Blue 40HP & 80HP electric outboards;  Lead Acid, GEL closed cell & Lithium battery options

Choose from Torqeedo electric and LEHR propane outboards

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Torqeedo electric &  LEHR propane