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Choose an industry leader in pontoon boats

The industry leader in Electric Powered Pontoons


Apex pontoons are by far the best available on the market.

Choose from Qwest, Gill Getter, and Paddle Qwest. These compact pontoons are electric-powered and perfect for any purpose.


Optimum performance is delivered with every style of pontoon from Apex. These compact boats are perfect for smaller lakes or on those that ban internal combustion outboards. Most waterways are just right for your pontoon.

With several drives to choose from, there's an electric package that's perfect for your next Apex Pontoon Boat.

Learn more about Apex Pontoons and how they can add excitement to your life.


Your new Apex pontoon is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Your pontoon will be dependable at all times with an on-board charger, perfect for any get-together.


 -  Light-weight, compact design

 -  Great for limited horsepower lakes!

 -  Environmentally-friendly way to be on the water

 -  Quiet and easy to operate

 -  Connects to a steering wheel and has a remote throttle control    

 -  On-board chargers ensure your pontoon is ready when you are

 -  Optional SOLAR CHARGING OPTIONS for extended running times  

    and Grid free charging.

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Enjoy many benefits with your new pontoon

Take note of the great benefits to your Apex Pontoon.

-  Unique All Aluminum Paddle Wheel & Aluminum Rudder

-  Stainless Steel Shaft & Hubs

-  Smooth Operating Ezy-Stik Steering

-  Now with Electric Assist!


Choose from Qwest luxury series boats including the Qwest LS, Qwest Adventure, Qwest Edge, and Angler Qwest. All have efficient designs and plush seating so you can relax on the water in comfort.

Learn more about Apex Pontoons featuring Paddle Qwest

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